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HS-Armory Barrel Lapping Kit Level 5


The latest development in pushing the limits of accuracy from HunterSeeker5 has arrived, the barrel lapping system. Some of you may have heard or even tried barrel polishing in the past and noticed it offers some advantage. Well polishing and lapping are not the same process. Where simple polishing removes micro scratches from the surface and improves surface finish it does not make any attempt at leveling the surface. Lapping uses abrasive embedded plates to file down high spots and level the surface while still leaving a mirror finish. This smoother surface on both the micro and macro level allows BBs to glide along the barrel with minimal disturbance and off axis spin. This system works great on both cheap stock barrels and high end Japanese barrels, while high end barrels have much better than stock tolerances they are still far from the surface you get from lapping. This is the level 4 kit so it includes everything needed for 5 levels of lapping, a extra coarse 20 micron grit perfectly levels even the largest surface defects in the barrel's surface, then the 10 and 5 micron bring the surface finish down to where the 1.5 and 0.5 micron can bring the surface finish to mirror. This kit also includes 10 barrel scrapers and 10 enhanced barrel crowning cutters. The barrel scrapers are helpful for cleaning the barrel after lapping and for general cleaning. The crowning cutters allow the barrel crown (the internal taper at the end of the barrel) to be cut much deeper and more gradual. This more gradual taper allows excess pressure in the barrel to be released slower to not disrupt the path of the BB. By uncoated I mean brass and stainless are fine while most aluminum aren't. These are the 8th gen version of the lapps that have single large area sections in a spiral pattern. They provide better leveling than previous versions and the spiral pattern allows them to cut more evenly around the circumference. This set also includes the newer crown cutters.

More information below:

0.5 micron diamond lapping compound
1.5 micron diamond lapping compound
5 micron diamond lapping compound
10 micron diamond lapping compound
20 micron diamond lapping compound
10 Gen 8 high leveling laps
10 Barrel scrapers
10 Enhanced crown cutters
Alignment block
1 Brass drive rod

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