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SHS AUG POM Cross Slot O-ring Nozzle - 24.75mm


These POM nozzles with O-rings for AUG replicas are a great way to increase air seal and in turn FPS. The O-ring stops air from leaking between the cylinder head and nozzle, nearly all stock nozzles lack O-rings and many are quite loose. Due to the poor tolerances of many stock nozzles an O-ring nozzle can dramatically increase the FPS with no ROF penalty like using a stiffer spring.

These cross slot versions have a pillar in the center that serves two purposes. First it pushes the BB deeper into the barrel to ensure it makes contact with the bucking before firing, increasing accuracy. By ensuring the BB is in contact with the bucking and not loosely sitting in the chamber it makes the amount of backspin and spin axis more consistent. The second effect of these nozzles is to actually slightly restrict the airflow leaving the cylinder. While this may sound counterintuitive it actually can be quite effective at improving efficiency. By limiting the airflow slightly it is possible to let the cylinder pressure climb higher which slows the piston down. During this slow down the piston’s energy transferred into the compressed air and less is wasted in the piston impacting the cylinder head. This can be a tricky effect to tune but normally works better with heavier pistons, stronger springs, and lower active volume cylinders.

Length: 24.75mm

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