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Scatterplot-Clandestine High Compression Ratio DSG Set


These sorbo pads were designed by Clandestine Airsoft and produced by Scatterplot to increase the compression ratio of the cylinder air system. By filling the dead space in the cylinder head area with sorbo, compressed air isn't trapped in the cylinder and energy isn't wasted. For conventional full or three quarter cylinder setups some testing has shown the compression ratio change is minimal and the effect is minimal. However on DSG setups where the cylinder stroke is very short the compression ratio increase is much greater and by some this has proven to greatly increase velocity. This effect and in fact these pads have not been fully tested so these are being sold as experimental and of course I would greatly appreciate feedback on the effectiveness of these. These come in 3 layers, the first is designed to sit inside the stock cylinder rubber pad area, the 2nd is designed to fill the whole cylinder area leaving no gap around the pad, this pad is also softer and has a slightly larger center hole to allow the pad to deform inward providing better shock absorption and squeezing as much air as possible into the barrel. The top pad is the same size as the middle pad as is a neopad to protect the middle pad from damage. The total thickness is .281in thick (two 1/8 in pads and one thin neopad). To maximize the effectiveness of these a flat fronted cylinder head is recommended. These 3 pads come separately and should be glued together when the pad is glued to the cylinder head. As always glue recommendations are good quality cynoacrylate (super glue) or appropriate polyurethane and proper surface roughening and cleaning. Also when gluing, filling any area between the center pad and cylinder head with glue or silicone (do not use silicone to glue the pads) will also help minimize dead space and maximize performance.

Type: Version 2 and 3
Total thickness: .281in
Hardness: mixed 40 and 70
Material: Sorbothane and neoprene
Recommended for DSG and short stroke low cylinder volume setups. (limited testing on full stroke systems but effect is either no velocity increase or a very small one, dampening ability will be slightly reduced.)

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