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Scatterplot Sorbo for V2/V3 gearboxes - 1/4 thick - 40 duro


These are laser cut sorbothane pads made by Scatterplot. Their primary purpose is to decrease the shock load on the gearbox when the piston impacts the cylinder head. By reducing this load, the life of the gearbox shell can be increased and a stronger spring can be used without risking the gearbox shell cracking. Reducing the load is especially important on V2 gearboxes as they have a history of a weak design. They are 1/4" thick which more than corrects most stock AOE (angle of engagement). By correcting AOE it will decrease stress on the pickup tooth of the piston which greatly improves it's life since the pickup tooth is a known failure point. These 1/4" pads are quite thick and push the piston back further than 3/16" sorbo pads which makes the AOE almost perfectly vertical (that is the sector gear pickup tooth upon engagement). This has the advantage of further increasing the durability of the piston since it doesn't get "wedged" upward at all but the further loss of cylinder volume usually means a further loss in velocity. If you're unsure of what sorbo thickness you should get the 3/16" is what is recommended as it's the best balance and the added durability isn't needed for most guns. Installing sorbo to fix AOE must be done in conjunction with the removal of 2nd tooth and possibly part of the 3rd of the piston, or the use of a 14 tooth piston which comes like this. Please make sure the gear engagement is correct when fixing AOE with sorbo. A side effect of cushioning the piston impact is that the impact sound is deadened to more of a thud than a smack. This of course makes the gun more stealthy. This sound change alone is why many people install sorbo pads.

Installation instructions: First chose the hardness that fits your application. It is recommended to use 70 duro for guns over 400 FPS and 40 duro for guns under 400 FPS. This is actually more of a suggestion as using 40 duro in a 400+ FPS gun will be quieter than a 70 and reduce shock load more but at the cost of longevity. Next remove the stock rubber cylinder head pad. Apply cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue) to the cylinder head and sorbo and press together. To protect your sorbo please make sure the ports on your piston head are not sharp as this can damage the sorbo. You can optionally glue a protection bad like the neopads or some DIY method to the top of the sorbo to protect it further in high performance applications. There are also countless installation instructions on the Internet.

- 1/4" thickness
- 40 duro hardness
- Recommended for sub 400 FPS guns
- Laser cut accuracy
- Increased durability but reduced velocity over 3/16 sorbo

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