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When will X product be back in stock?

Often it's hard to predict when something will be back in stock exactly. It greatly determined by stock levels of other parts from the same manufacturer. In the upper right hand corner of the site there is a link to Product Availability Estimations that has the most up-to-date estimations of when items will be back in stock.


Why did you stop selling Y product?

This could be for a number or reasons, sometimes the supplier just stopped making it other times it was just out of stock when the parts were ordered. In other cases I permanently or temporarily stop carrying parts that have any issues or are deemed inferior to similar parts from other brands.


Can you do custom R-hop/ER-hop installs?

The simple answer is no, at the moment I only sell AEG type barrels and their lengths are determined by what is available from the supplier on order. If you looking for a custom install please contact Skag187 ( of High Pressure Airsoft, he is currently the only HS-Armory certified installer.


Can you recommend what parts I should put in my gun?

Generally no, even very experienced techs will be reluctant or refuse to just give you a list of parts to throw in and achieve your goal. Each gun is different and each combination of parts needs to be matched to operate together. Here are just some suggestions if your new to upgrading airsoft guns and want a place to start.

  • First go for durability and reliability, piston, gears, Sorbo, AOE, shimming, rewire, Mosfet, and regrease are some things you should consider before you start dropping lipos and high speed motors in.

  • Fast gears + torque motors is better than slow gears and a fast motor

  • If you want to use a lipo a rewire to deans or XT-60s and a Mosfet unit is HIGHLY recommended.

  • An R-hop and good heavy BBs are you best bang for buck in accuracy and range.

  • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUGGESTION!!! Read a lot of forums, I recommend Airsoft Mechanics and Airsoft Forum, search for anything you don't understand and cross reference everything.


How much will it cost to ship Z part to X location?

You can add the item to your cart and without signing in or making any account the first checkout page can give you a shipping estimate. For international shipping please see the Shipping & Returns section for more details.


Can I pay with a credit card instead of Paypal?

Yes during checkout the payment option will say Paypal or any major credit card. Credit card payments are handled on the Paypal site via paypal.


Will X part fit in Y replica?

If there are any fitment problems I'm aware of I always make a note in the products description about it.


Do you offer any wholesale discounts?

Not at this time, as it stands most of my prices are equivalent to or lower than many “wholesale” sites so I can't really offer any additional discounts.


Will you ever be getting any barrels with IR-hops installed.

No, for the simple reason as it's not a service HS5 offers.