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Lonex TITAN A3 Short Blue High Speed Motor

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These are the new Lonex TITAN motors. Lonex took their already amazing motors and tweaked and tested them even more to squeeze every last drop of performance out of them. These have a slightly redesigned armature which increases efficiency and makes them run cooler. They have also tested these motors and provided a very informative datasheet that gives the all the real tested performance values of the motors, which can be seen at the bottom of this page. Stator Design The stator design is skewed which reduces cogging and makes the motor smoother and quieter. The only other place I've seen skewed stators in airsoft motors is on the Tienly motors. They also made from all high quality materials including 200C rated wire and high temperature glue to retain the windings. These motors are also balanced by drilling small indents into the stator rather than just globing on epoxy like most motors. This increases efficiency because there is no loss in stator acceleration (means trigger response) from the added weight of the epoxy. Brush Design Rather than just clipping the brush leads under the brush spring like most motors the brush leads are bolted to the brush frame. The Brush frame is much thicker than any other motor I've seen, which also makes the motor connector tab much thicker. They also reshaped the brush spring to press on the brush straight rather than at an angle like most motors. If your like me sometimes you like to run electrical ring connectors bolted right to the brush frame and with these motors that works especially well since that bolt is also used for the brush connections and unlike many other motors (including SHS) they don't electrically connect the bolts to each other which greatly reduces the risk of shorting. Replacement brushes available now so if they ever do wear out they will be easy to replace. Motor Can Design These employ high temperature magnets as well which can stand up to higher temperatures. By high temperature I mean they have a higher Curie point than most neo magnets (I don't know if other motors have this magnet composition or not so it's hard to compare). Curie point is the temperature where a material loses it's magnetism. They are of course all ball bearing including the shaft guides on the long motors. The pinion gears also look very nice are are made from a "high density" steel. Speed notes: I haven't had a chance to no load test these motors yet but from the limited data I have I think all Lonex motors tend to be on the torquey side so a high speed may not be as fast as a high speed from a different brand. This is actually a good thing because it means they will run more efficiently (higher TPA) and can be paired with fast gears for a more efficient gun. Installation note: These motors have just been developed a few of them have a slight quirk in that they rotated the brushes and forgot to recut them. All this means is that to get optimum performance they should be broken in first. Motor break in should really be done with any new motors to get maximum performance and life.

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