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CL AK Weaver Rail

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These sight rails replace the leaf iron site on AK-47 and AK-74 model replicas. They will not work on an AK-74u variant. Mine was installed on a CYMA CM040.

Installation was straightforward. The iron site is removed by pressing down firmly and pulling toward the stock. The leafspring is then loose, and easily removed. The rail block inserts into the now cleared space. A cross bolt is provided, and makes for a secure fit. However, there was some play. Regular gear shims worked well to fit the rail securely. There are three grub screws: two in the front, and one in the back. Once tightened down, the rail is very secure.

I would recommend inserting a spacer between the grub screw and the gas block, as the grub screws will cut into the finish when tightened firmly. I would also recommend not over tightening any of the screws, as clones do not have the highest quality metal in that area of the replica.

The two white dots painted into the back of the rail are a nice thought, but do not even remotely align with the front site post, making them only decorative. A regular airsoft scope would not be a good fit, as the rail mounts pretty far forward, making achieving a good site picture problematic. However, I installed an AIM "pistol" scope, which features very long I relief. It fits perfectly and has a very nice sight picture. A red dot sight would also work.

+ Nice quality finish.
+ Includes all mounting hardware.
+ Once shimmed and tightened down, fits very securely.
+ Allows the simultaneous use of a folding stock and a scope.
+ Inexpensive compared to traditional AK scope mounts, or railed gas tubes.

- No possibility of using iron sites.
- Will damage gas block if spacers are not placed under the grub screws.
- Would likely break gas block on clones featuring pot metal, rather than a higher quality metal.

This is a great product, and the utility it adds outweighs the list of drawbacks. I would not recommend it for every build, but it is an inexpensive way to mount a sight and maintain the use of a folding stock.
Date Added: 01/13/2015 by Ryan V.