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Steel VSR Piston Sear

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It is $2!!!! So you can get like five or six of them for the price of the cheapest piston sears sold on other sites.
It is still going in a 500ish fps Echo 1 M28 (yes, it fits). Also works in TM VSR10. Drops perfectly in the SHS trigger sear that is sold on this website as well.
I have three of these in two replicas just in case one goes, but so far both show no sign of major wear. After examining the Echo 1 (which has been the gun where this has been the longest time in) no wear is visible (this may be due to the fact that the M28 comes with a plastic piston and it is taking all the damage, still working though). On the VSR which has an aftermarket piston with a steel sear/catch the piston sear has some scratches but no deformation (only shot about 2000 rounds through it, VSR10 shoots around 450fps).
Date Added: 06/20/2015 by JClaude