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ZCI Long High Speed Neo Magnet Motor

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Very precise. Brushes were snug to the end bell and they have been shaped to allow for quick and easy motor brush break in. No shorts to the armature and it's well balanced. Uses a shs based D pinion. Motor tower is cnc'ed aluminum and has decent width to prevent any slack into a gearbox shell but uses only one ball bearing on top rather then one of each end of the tower. Also there are ball bearings on end bell and motor can as well. The bearings are very tight and well centered, much better quality then some brands. Motor communicator is well aligned to the armature. Magnets are pretty strong too. Only complaint is the armature needed to be reshimmed to prevent any slack. But that is typically in most motors. Very impressive and it's being used in my 40rps+ ssg build with 12:1 gears ss4 m140 spring. So it pulls a lot with a 11.1v Lipo.
Date Added: 10/21/2015 by Benjamin B.