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APEX Python MOSFET - PCB Protected Low Resistance FET

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I got one of the earlier versions (white/black wire with 2 red wires). In short, these things are awesome. Installation was fairly painless, the teflon wire is very durable (difficult to strip, even).
I used this in a DSG build. 18:1 setup, Siegetek DSG paired with SHS bevel and spur gears. HC high-torque motor. M170 spring. Everything available here at Clandestine.
Instant ROF boost, with no heating up of any electrical component at all (11.1v 30c lipoly). Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to chrono.
This is easily one of the best 'fets i've ever seen. I'd recommend one of these to anybody.
Date Added: 12/02/2013 by Mark Haara