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SHS Nylon Piston with 15 Teeth - SHS Blue 15 Tooth

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Let me give you an example of how ridiculously durable these pistons can be:
I had one installed in a 50rps SSG setup, with an M130 spring SS'ed 3 teeth, so a pretty extreme setup. I accidentally set the hop-up to full (d'oh), causing a compression jam, and thus PME at 50rps. I opened the gearbox and the piston didn't even have a scratch, while the sector gear was cracked. (ZCI gear set FYI).

These are the only pistons I've been unable to break or wear out, and I have a nasty habit of breaking parts hehe. This is my go-to piston for any setup, as they are extremely durable, while being relatively light.
Date Added: 10/28/2013 by HÃ¥kon Hansen Tveito