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SHS AK / V3 Aluminum Cylinder Head

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So I have been working on my Aug for a VERY LONG TIME. Finding the right parts has been a very expensive and painful process. Now, I believe I have found my part (mostly) )

Lets start with the finish. Blue anodized coating for a nice slick finish (like the cylinder head). Seals nicely with my stock cylinder, which is actually very annoying because it will NOT fit in my chrome cylinder(s). Fortunately, I have one brass one that came with a stock Aug that works perfectly.

Lonex has been a very picky brand for what it will seal with. (Lonex won't even seal with Lonex for me) But this time, my Lonex M14/Aug air nozzle seals perfectly at it's extended position, which is important.

Overall, I am very happy with this buy. My Airtrain is finally perfect. 5*
Date Added: 06/30/2013 by Alex Hand