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SHS High Speed Motor - Long

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Exceptionally fast motor for the torque it puts out; had a setup with some 18:1 JG gears(-2 teeth), an M120, powered on an 11.1v 40c 2650Mah battery with an AWS Microfet and while it worked, it was bar none the fastest gun I've made. For guns aiming in the low 30's RPS, there is no need for 13, or even 16:1 gears so long as you give this thing enough power. Be warned though, it does get hot, and it does suck down Mah from your battery very quickly.

Not for small NiMh packs, this thing really begins to excel at higher voltages and amp discharges. At 8.4v you will not notice a huge jump over motors like the EG1000, where as when you strap above mentioned battery to it, the thing roars.
Date Added: 05/08/2012 by Matt Jarchow