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ZCI V2/V3 Integration Cylinder Head

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Works like a charm! Installed this in a G&G CM16 along with a ZCI steel cylinder, aluminum piston head, lonex piston, and a 3/16in 70 duro sorbo. The cool thing about this head(may be a common feature in others, i'm not sure) is that the rubber back end isn't glued on, so you can easily remove it and slap on your sorbo pad(with some glue, of course). I would probably recommend doing a 1/4 in sorbo because the rubber pad is around 3/16in thick, therefore, my sorbo didn't really correct the AOE, but gave the piston a soft landing pad. I also used a Core double o-ring Air nozzle with this head. It was a little tight, but if you use some grease it should work just fine. Will buy this again!
Date Added: 06/14/2014 by John C.