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Lonex TITAN A2 Short Orange High Torque Motor

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I'm very pleased with this motor. It has tons of torque, it will pull springs that will make most gearbox shells crack. The speed is good for a high torque motor, 25-30rps pulling an M120 on 18:1 ratio gears with a good 3 cell li-po.

This is also a very efficient motor, I have two guns with this motor in them, one pulling an M120 on 16:1 ratio gears at 32rps with an 11,1v li-po, and it pulls about 20A and gives me about 3 shots per mAh. In my other gun it pulls an M120 on 13:1 ratio at 38rps with the same battery and pulls about 25A and gets almost as many shots out of the battery.

I can highly recommend this motor for pretty much any kind of build. It has decent speed, very good efficiency, and has enough torque for even extreme setups. It also looks damn nice in my opinion.
Date Added: 11/17/2012 by HÃ¥kon Hansen Tveito