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SHS Aluminum M4 O-ring nozzle (21.50mm)

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Great nozzle for the price! Clandestine is shipping the newer version of the nozzle which has thinner walls near the tip which create a larger bore for more air volume thus increasing FPS. It also has dual O-rings for increased seal & stability. Unfortunately, the O-rings typically need to be decreased in size as per Maekii's dremel method in order for friction with the cylinder head nozzle to be decreased. Generally a drop in replacement as far as length is concerned, but the length is perfect to do a tappet plate mod and/or shave the front off for an increased stroke length. I'd like to give it 5 stars, especially for the price, but I have to sand down the O-rings every time so its not a direct drop-in thus only 4 stars...but still! I'd rather have them large and shave down than too small and not enough air seal.
Date Added: 06/22/2015 by Nathan Riddle