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Lonex AUG Cylinder Head

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Alright, there are a lot of good things about this cylinder head. For starters, the Lonex quality is here, finish and air seal on both ends is perfect. fits well in my Aug which has an APS chrome plated cylinder for reference (pretty much ZCI)

the only issue I ran into is that if you remove the dampener and replace it with a 1/4" Sorbo, your AoE will be off. It will not be a 90-90 degree meet. This was not a big deal to me as I CA'ed some paper over top of the sorbo which protects it anyway. But it was a bit annoying. I would suggest a 3/16" and keeping the original dampener. Or adding a 1/8" to the 1/4" sorbo pad.
Date Added: 03/28/2013 by Alex Hand