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Lonex M4 Flash Mag 360 Round

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A much needed improvement to high-caps with a few potential caveats. This magazine takes the same internals of a standard high-cap, and improves its function immensely by giving you a steel pull chord, and likely a much better "spiral spring."

I recently got my first airsoft rifle. I knew how standard high-caps functioned before I first put my hands on one. After I first got my rifle and wound up the wheel on the bottom of my standard high-cap, I said "We use THIS???" Unacceptable. I ordered this product that night. This is more like it. I can use this.

The fact that this design isn't the industry standard is baffling. You normally spend 20 uncomfortable seconds winding to gain access to ~30 bbs. With this flash mag, you spend 5 seconds pulling the chord 4 times to feed the entire magazine. The bbs still rattle around though. If stealth is priority, get a mid-cap instead.

I would have settled for the superior winding mechanism alone. The fact that its is designed to feed the entire magazine in one go is icing on the cake.

There are a couple things to consider that could be cons to you. First, the paint finish on this metal mag is matte black. My mag came looking fairly worn. Not an issue for me, I think it adds character. Second is the VERY firm spring on the latch on the top. This actually prevented this mag from feeding to my Classic Army "M15" M4A1 unless I put enough pressure on the bottom of the mag to push the bb latch back enough to let bbs pass. I swapped it with the softer spring from my old high cap. Works wonderfully now. Another fix may be to compress the spring overnight hoping that it looses some stiffness... or cutting the spring shorter, or sanding the latch shorter. Oddly, that stiff spring works fine in my old high-cap. Perhaps the vertical fit is more-so the issue. It will probably work fine stock in another gun. There are multiple solutions to this issue, so it is possible for me to overlook it.

Despite the tinkering I had to do, I love this magazine. Buy one.
Date Added: 03/19/2014 by Robert