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2-6x32AOE Short Rifle Scopes


Optics in Airsoft

The use of optics in Airsoft can be of a great advantage if utilized well. In particular magnifying optics provide 3 distinct uses. While some argue that magnification isn't needed for the ranges in Airsoft when used in all 3 ways they can offer a great advantage. The first obvious use for a magnifying optic is to provide a precise sight to line up shots like any type of sight. Secondly and perhaps most importantly a scope allows you to see the trajectory of the BBs further out which allows "aiming by trajectory" that helps countering BB drop, wind, and BB spread. And finally a magnifying scope can be used for scouting targets beyond the maximum engagement range.


The 2-6 times magnification on these scopes is a good level for Airsoft use allowing a good balance between magnification and field of view. Two times is enough to allow ease of use at closer ranges while at six times long range shooting and scouting can resolve details well.

Objective size

These scopes have a 32mm objective. The objective size is an often misunderstood specification of optics, many think that the objective size effects the field of view which is simply not true, the field of view is only effected by the magnification level. The objective size's main effect is on the exit pupil, or the size of the image (and the amount of light exiting the scope) that can be seen by your eye. For the image in the scope to appear full (not cut off around the outside) and of full brightness the exit pupil needs to be larger than the pupil of the user. The size of the human pupil varies from 2mm in bright sunlight to 7mm for a young person (this deceases with age) is total darkness. The exit pupil of a scope is equal to the objective size divided by the magnification. For these scopes that makes the exit pupil 16mm at 2x and 5.3mm at 6x which of course is plenty large enough for Airsoft use.,For most players the complete darkness required for a exit pupil of greater than 7mm to be used would mean shooting at long enough ranges to need the full 6x would be nearly impossible. A larger objective at this magnification would provide no advantage and would make the scope heavier and more difficult to use due to eye alignment and cheek weld.

Adjustable Objective

Unlike most Airsoft scopes I've intentionally selected scopes that feature an adjustable objective. Simply put this allows the focal point of the image you see to be lined up perfectly with the reticle. This adjustment both corrects parallax error and makes the image and reticle both appear perfectly clear and in focus to your eye. This is important in Airsoft because scopes without an adjustable objective are set to be parallax free at 100 yards and the parallax error (in effect the focus difference between the focus point of the image and reticle) becomes greater when at closer ranges. So with a scope set at 100 yards 150 yards will only have a slight error but at 50 yards will have a much greater error. And because the normal engagement range in Airsoft is well under 100 yards the parallax error on a non-adjustable objective scope can be significant enough to be tiring on your eyes and annoying to use.

Illuminated reticle

These scopes also include an illuminated reticle. Illuminated reticles are generally for use in low light conditions where the black reticle may become difficult to see on a dark background. As with nearly all Chinese scopes the illumination is a little bright on the lowest setting for use in low light conditions but this can be easily fixed by something as simple as putting a piece of paper over the LED. These have both red and green illumination, although generally red should always be used to preserve night vision.


Convenience, comfort, and practicality are often overlooked when choosing an optic. You obviously want the scope to be as lightweight as possible but you also want it to be comfortable and effective to look through. Because of these factors large objective diameter scopes are often less effective because they are heavy and often difficult to mount and still get good cheek weld. On many rifles the iron sights are positioned very close to the rail and because of this the stock places your line of sight very low to the rail which can make looking through an optic placed on the rail difficult. The G36 is a prime example of this as it's sights are only a few millimeters above the rail. A 32mm objective scope allows the scope to be mounted very low to help this line of sign alignment. If your fitting this scope to a rifle with a high rail I would suggest my short scope rings with shim set as it will allow the scope to be placed as low as possible. If your fitting these scopes to a scope with a lower rail like a flat top M4 I would suggest the 1.5in tall rings as that height is most commonly recommended for that rifle (M4 sights are of course very high above the rail). However, since your selected stock and head size have a determining effect on your line of sight the best way to selected the best scope height is to test and measure.

These scopes include flip up lens caps, a sun shade extension tube, and a cleaning cloth.

Objective size: 32mm
Adjustable objective
Adjustable focus
Illuminated reticle (red or green)
Magnification: 2-6x
Mass: 361g
Range finding graph style reticle (see picture)

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