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Maritime Nukefet – Extreme Environment Mosfet


One of the most recognized names in Airsoft Mosfets, the Nukefet has earned it’s name through a long history of proven durability in any conditions. Using the International Rectifier 3034 Mosfet as it’s base the original Nukefet provides reliable electrical performance. These are easy to install with included 18in on each side of 16ga Alphawire Plus that has a super tough but thin insulation so it won’t get cut or pinched like silicone wire but is only 1.96mm in diameter to fit through narrow gaps. Also included are a set of Lonex motor connectors, a Deans Ultra male plug, and heatshrink. In addition these maritime versions are fully waterproofed to operate in the most extreme environments.

Mosfets serve two main purposes in airsoft guns. One is to take the load off the trigger contacts and use a solid state ultra powerful MOSFET to switch power to the motor instead. This means that the trigger contacts will no longer wear as they are only seeing a very small amount of current. Besides not wearing out trigger contacts a MOSFET will often increase rate of fire due to the lower resistance of the FET and new wire. Using a MOSFET is very important if you're using high powered batteries like 11.1V Lipo or high discharge 7.4V LiPos as without one your trigger contacts will very quickly be worn away by the high current arcs.

IMPORTANT: Please only use batteries rated for at least 20A discharge. The product works with 7.4v batteries, but if you are using it in a high performance AEG, please consider using an 11.1v battery instead.

You can calculate your battery’s discharge rating by taking your batteries “c” rating, and multiplying it by your mAh rating / 1000.

For example a 20c, 1500 mAh battery would be rated for 20 x 1500 / 1000 = 30A.

Max Recommended Battery Voltage: 12.8V
Wire Length: 18in
Wire Type: 16 ga Alpha wire / 24 ga Alpha wire

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