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APEX Garter Compact MOSFET - PCB Based Low Resistance FET


These MOSFETs were developed through a joint partnership between Clandestine Airsoft and Apex Electrix LLC. They are designed to outperform all other MOSFETs by using the most advanced semi-conductor technology allowing for super low resistance operation and ultra fast switching times. These combined allow the maximum current capacity and maximum power increase to the motor.

Compared to the rest of the APEX line of FETs these Garters are tiny enough to be placed anywhere and still powerful enough to run stock and mildly upgraded electrical systems. These are small enough to place inside of some V2 gearboxes or hidden practically anywhere. Like most micro and basic FETs on the market these are not voltage protected like the Python series which means if they are used in very high current and high voltage spike applications they can be at risk of damage. Applications involving very high ROF or high FPS and things like DSGs and Frankentorques would probably be better suited for a voltage protected FET like the Python.

Mosfets serve two main purposes in airsoft guns. One is to take the load off the trigger contacts and use a solid state ultra powerful MOSFET to switch power to the motor instead. This means that the trigger contacts will no longer wear as they are only seeing a very small amount of current. Besides not wearing out trigger contacts a MOSFET will often increase rate of fire due to the lower resistance of the FET and new wire. The Garter FET has been designed with ultra low resistance in mind to maximize the power increase to the motor and increase ROF. Using a MOSFET is very important if you're using high powered batteries like 11.1V Lipo or high discharge 7.4V LiPos as without one your trigger contacts will very quickly be worn away by the high current arcs.

The real world amount of current a MOSFET can carry is based on it's temperature, which is based on the amount of power it needs to dissipate. This power is generated from the resistance of the FET during operation. The two key resistances in FETs are the on resistance and the resistance that happens when the FET is between off and on. Keeping the on resistance as low as possible and the switching time as fast as possible reduces the total average resistance. By reducing the total average resistance the power wasted in the FET that ends up as heat buildup is reduced. This thermal failure happens long before the theoretical maximum FET current ratings so reducing the on resistance and switching time is more important that the max current ratings. PCB based FETs also have more surface area for the FET dissipate heat into.

FET Comparison


On Resistance

Pulsed Max Current

Max Current Rating

Max Power Rating

Switch Time



















PCB based MOSFETs like these also have the added advantage of higher durability due to their ridged fiberglass reinforced substrate that prevents pins and lead from snapping off the delicate components. Like most FETs these are covered in heat shrink to protect their internals.

Install instructions:

Max Recommended Battery Voltage: 14.8V Lipo
Max Power Rating: 272 Watts
Wire Length: ~ 1 ft
Wire Type: 16 ga EcoWire Plus / 22 ga EcoWire Plus
FET Resistance: 0.75mOhm
PCB Based

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