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HS-Armory 229mm R-hop Clandestine Enhanced Cut 6.02mm Barrel


This barrel comes with a genuine R-hop installed by Hunterseeker5 himself. These are installed incredibly well, they look like they are actually part of the barrel they fit so close. The installation quality of an R-hop makes a big difference in it's final performance and being the inventor and manufacturer HS5 is the best at installing them.

The base is a Clandestine custom enhanced cut stainless steel barrel that was developed in close cooperation with HS5 to be optimized for R-hop performance. These barrels have several design improvements that increase hopup spin axis consistency, increased stability with very heavy weight BBs, BB feeding consistency and accuracy in general. Accuracy is of course the overall result of most of these but it's also important to note the greatly extended window length, which puts the R-hop at near the max length for normal R-hops making these in between most normal R-hops and ER-hops. This allows these to easily hop very heavyweight BBs with just the slightest pressure but don't require any of the advanced hopup modifications ER hops do. In addition to the numerous adjustments to the hopup window the barrel crown has also been extended to be 5mm deep for a little more BB stability on barrel exit.

The R-hop is a revolutionary hop up system that not only greatly increases accuracy but also increases range at equal velocities. It distributes the pressure on the BB better than any other system available including flat-hop and all aftermarket buckings, like the maple leaf. They also are intrinsically very durable and pretty much never wear out. Before installing you need to read the R-hop guide or maybe watch a guide video as they will note the modifications needed to the hopup arm and bucking as well as the fact that it should be glued to the hopup bucking with RTV silicone. Also remember to properly clean the barrel after receiving it as they tend to accumulate dust from shipping. Cleaning with alcohol recommended but not with stronger solvents like acetone as it will soften and eventually dissolve the glue used to secure the R-hop.

Barrel length: 229mm
Barrel material: Stainless Steel
Barrel: Clandestine Custom Enhanced Cut 6.02mm Stainless Steel Barrel
Fits: Any AEG with a standard hopup (also includes TM M14 hopup slots)

These are being released on a rolling basis as the installs are completed so if it's out of stock more will be in shortly.

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